Zalongo Epirus Greece

Zalongo. In the village of Souli all the men were killed by soldiers of the cruel dominator Ali Pasha. After this, all the women of the village and their children flee into the mountains. The soldiers followed them and came closer. The women decided, as frightened as they were, to jump down from the mountain, together with their children. They jumped down, while singing and dancing, meeting their terrible ending.

Zalongo Souli Epirus
This monument is erected in honour of the women of Souli.

Zalongo Epirus
  The spot where the women and children jumped down
from the mountain.

Places of interest in Epirus

Arta, Igoumenitsa, Ioannina, Parga, Preveza, Metsovo, Sivota, Zagori, Zalongo

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Epirus Map Zagoria Epirus Metsovo epirus Ioannina Epirus Zalongo Epirus Igoumenitsa Epirus Sivota Epirus Parga epirus Arta Epirus



Text source and photos: Theo Henderichs

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