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Kastoria. Kastoria is a prefecture in the west of the Greek region of Macedonia, bordering Albania in the west. The capital of the prefecture is Kastoria town. From Thessaloniki, via the Egnatia motorway, you get there in a half hour. The prefecture of Kastoria is breathtakingly beautiful. It is a mountainous region with high and low mountains, rivers and lakes.

The capital city of Kastoria is a real gem. It lies on the shores of the namesake lake which is also is called the Lake of Orestiada. The town is built on the edge of the lake and onto a peninsula that extends into the lake. The houses in the city are a mix of modern houses and traditional mansions. The houses on the peninsula are partly on the slopes of a mountain. Here you can see many Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches built during the Middle Ages.

Kastoria town, which lies about 700 meters (2,300 ft) above sea level, has about 15,000 inhabitants. The name Kastoria is derived from the word Castor, which means beaver. According to experts, many beavers inhabited the area in previous centuries.

In winter, the lake often freezes. Many lovely traditional and modern restaurants and cafeterias lie on the banks of the river, in the city. The neighborhoods of Doltso and Apozari are very cozy and quaint.

Around the lake and the peninsula is a road used by many cyclists and joggers. On the peninsula are the caves of the Dragon, several beautiful churches and the monastery of Panagia Mavriotissa. By car or on foot you can travel from the peninsula to the top of the hill.

From above, and especially from Agios Thanasis and Profitis Ilias you have an impressive view over the lake, the city and the entire region up to the mountains of Vitsi and Grammos.

Kastoria is well known in Greece for fur processing. In addition, many inhabitants of the region are farmers who export oranges, tangerines, lemons, apples, cucumbers and kiwis.

A very interesting place in the south of the lake of Kastoria is Dispilio. In 1932, the water level of the lake dropped and a prehistoric settlement was found. Since 1992, a systematic excavation has taken place and has revealed the remains of a late Neolithic era village. The houses of the village were round and were built of wood, straw and clay.

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Sights and tips prefecture Kastoria

  • The town of Argos Orestiko, also called Chroupitsa by the locals, known for the production of fur rugs, and carpets.
  • The two parts of the village Nestorio, 50 kilometers (30 mi) southwest of Kastoria town.  Kato Nestorio at the foot of Mount Grammos located near the River Aliakmonas, and Ano Nestorio at 890 meters (3,000 ft). It is one of the oldest villages of the prefecture. Near the village were found remains of an ancient settlement. Every year, at the end of July, one of best-known music festivals of Greece, the River Party, takes place here. This festival was originally conceived by the children of Greek immigrants from abroad who came here to vacation every summer. They strived to combat boredom. Today the River Party draws thousands of people from all over Greece.
  • The petrified forest near the village Nostimo, 26 kilometers (16 mi) south of Kastoria town.
  • Grammos Mountain that lies on the border with Albania. The highest peak of this mountain is 2,520 meters (8,300 ft). At 1,740 meters (5,700 ft), the lake of the Dragons (Drakolimni). A special kind of salamander, the Alpine newt, is found at this lake. Grammos, with its vast meadows and unspoiled forests of beech, oak, pine and chestnut trees. The rivers of Aliakmon and Sarantaporos originate here.
  • Mount Vitsi is very interesting because of its rich flora and fauna. Nature lovers will agree. The highest peak of this mountain, which lies partly in the prefecture of Kastoria and that of Florina (2,126 meters/7,000 ft).
  • Visit the lake of Kastoria to sail or canoe.
  • Mountaineering at Mount Grammos and Vitsi. Information, Kastoria EOS (Alpine Society), tel.: 0030 (24 670) 24 497.
  • Walking or cycling around the lake of Kastoria.
  • The Byzantine and ethnographic museum in the town of Kastoria.
  • The many Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches.
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How access Kastoria?

There are regular direct flight connections between Kastoria and Athens (Athens Airways and Sky Express).
There are also daily bus connections with surrounding towns and with Athens and Thessaloniki.

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Revised by Katrina Butzer

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