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Serres. Prefecture Serres is located in Northern Greece, in the district of Macedonia. It borders to the northwest the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, to the north Bulgaria, to northeast the Greek prefecture Dram. Furthermore, it the borders to the southeast to prefecture Kavala, to Thessaloniki and Kilkis in the southwest and the west.  In the prefecture of Serres live 200 000 people.

Serres town, the capital of the prefecture "Serres", is a modern city with wide and spacious squares, traditional and new classical buildings. The town of Serres is located 580 kilometres from Athens and 79 kilometres from Thessaloniki.

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General information about Serres

At a distance of 62 km from the capital lies the village Amfipoli, the ancient colony of the Athenians which was founded in 437 BC. Outside the village, close to the bridge of the river Strimonas, you will find the famous Lion of Amfipoli, a tomb from the 4th century BC. The sculpture was restored the same spot where it was found.

Interesting is Sidirokastro, built on the banks of the river Krousovitis, near the Bulgarian border. It got its name from the strong fortress that protects the town. The ancient ruins of Sidirokastro are located on top of the huge rock at a height of 155 meters. The area around is very green, there are many streams, waterfalls, bridges and monasteries.

Sights department Serres

  • The Museum of Serres on the town square
  • Ethnological museum of Sidirokastro
  • Healing springs and Therma Nigritas and Loutra Sidirokastro
  • The impressive caves of Alistratis in Serres
  • Ski center Lailias in Serres
  • Mountaineering in Vrontos, 10 minutes from the forest Lailias
  • The Kerkini lake, one of the most important places of natural interest where the Dalmatian Pelican lives and the water buffalo
  • The Vironia aquarium: It is the only one in Northern Greece and has 30 species of fish from the lake
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Festivals and cultural tradition in Serres

  • The Gynaeocracy: At Monoklisia, on the 8th of January, the women take control and reverse roles with men. The visitors watch the new "Amazons" receiving the key of the village for one day. They take over the manly jobs and sit around in coffe-houses and men take over the housework.
  • Gerakina: Gerakina is celebrated every year during Easter in the town of Nigtita, in memory of the homonymous legend. There is also a well-known traditional song "Gerakina" that describes the whole story.
  • Kalogeros in Agia Eleni: Kalogeros(=the Monk) During this celebration, a villager playing a king is drawn along in a chariot. He goes from house to house, offering wine to the householders and is preceded by the kalogeros, who is dressed in “a rough sack... down to his knees, a belt... hung with bells... a mask made from a pumpkin and shaped like the muzzle of a beast with holes for the eyes and mouth.
  • The Anastenaria, the well-known fire-walking ritual, also know as the "Dinysian dances". This festival is being held on May 21st (the name day of the Saints Constantine and Helen) in Agia Eleni. The ceremony starts on May the 20th –Sts-. Constantine and Eleni eve - with animal sacrifices “Kourbani” and transfer of the icons of the two saints from the village’s church to “Konaki” (lodging) where sleeplessness and general preparation of the devotees for the inspiration take place. In the morning of the 21st May, the Anastenarides bring the icons to Agiasma, the holly place in the small wood. In the afternoon of May the 21st the first fire walking takes place.

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