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The Roman Agora (Market). East of the Ancient Agora, and at the end of Aiolou Street is the Roman Agora (Roman Market). This building was completed in the year 11 BC, thanks to the financial support of Julius and Augustus Caesar. In the time of Hadrian, the market was completely paved. The Roman Agora was the center of Athens from the Roman domination until the Turks left in 1833, after the Turkish occupation. The Roman Agora has a rectangular courtyard, surrounded by Ionic columns. In the west of the Roman Agora is the monumental entrance; the Athena Archegetis gate, which consists of a row of four Doric columns on a pedestal of marble. One of the most famous monuments of the Roman Forum is the Tower of the Winds also called Aerides or Hydraulic Clock Andronikos Kirristos. This tower is octagonal and 12 meters (39 feet) high. At the top there is a relief representation of gods, each with his own compass. During the Byzantine period and during the Turkish occupation several homes and shops where built and also the Fetich Mosque.

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Gate of Athena Archegetis
Located at the west side of the area. A monumental gateway with four Doric columns and a pediment of Pentelic marble, preserved in excellent condition.

Kyrristus Clock – Tower of the Winds.
On the eastern side of the Roman Agora stands an octagonal monument. The Clock of Andronicus Kyrristus, constructed in the 1st century BC, was a hydraulic clock. On each face of the clock can be seen bas-reliefs of the eight winds. The monument was named "Winds" from the depictions.

Hadrian’s Library
It is situated north of the Roman Agora (the entrance is on 3 Areos Str). It is a rectangular building measuring 122m x 82m (440ft x 269ft) with a Corinthian propylon on the west side. It was built by Roman emperor Hadrian in 132 AD. It formed a colonnade with specific areas used for the storage of papyruses and books, lecture halls etc. There was a courtyard in the center. In this courtyard an early Christian church was built during the 5th century, which was later destroyed and replaced by a 7th century three-aisled basilica and an 11th century single-naved basilica.

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