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Aetoloakarnania (Aetolia-Acarnania). The prefecture Aetoloakarnania is the westernmost prefecture of Central Greece. The first inhabitants of this region were the Kourites, according to Greek mythology, they were great warriors with prophetic powers. After them came the Aetolians and the Akarnians who lived next to each other, the border between their lands was the Acheloos River.

Today is Aetoloakarnania the largest prefecture of Greece, it is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Amvrakikos and the prefecture Arta (region Epirus). In the west it is bordered by the Ionian Sea, in the south by the Gulf of Patras and in the west by the prefectures Evrytania and Fokida. It covers an area of 5,447 and only less than 20% of the area is flat, the rest of the surface is covered by upper and lower mountains. The capital of Aetoloakarnania is the historical town Messolonghi, other important towns are Aktion, Nafpaktos and the economical centre Agrinio.

Through the surface of Aetoloakarnania run three of the longest rivers of Greece (Acheloos, Mornos and Evinos). Trichonida is the largest lake of Greece with a surface of 96 though there are more lakes, six natural and three artificial. The highest mountain of the prefecture is the Panetolikon (1924 meters), the other highest mountains are the Akarnian mountains in the west, the Valtos mountains in the northwest, the Nafpaktia mountains in the southeast and Aracynthos mountain in the south.

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Sights Aetoloakarnania

  • The Tomb of Calydon: Calydon was an ancient Greek city that took its name from its founder Calydon, Here you can find the Heroon of Calydon that is considered to be the tomb the Aetolian Hero Leon of Calydon (100 B.C.)
  • The Sanctuary of Artemis, known as Laphrion. This was the most important Aetolian sanctuary dedicated to the Greek Gods Artemis and Apollo.
  • The temple of Zeus Stratios at the northwest end of the town Agrinio. The temple is built on the top of a fortified hill.
  • The Papastratio archeological museum in Agrinio. You can see finds ranging from the Prehistoric to the Roman Period.
  • The beautiful shores and naturally formed coves at the western coastline (Ioanian Sea).
  • The amazing mountains and the vibrant valleys with their impressive forests. Visit the riversite Fraxos forest and the oak-tree forest of Manina.
  • The fantastic Lakes and rivers
  • The picturesque town of Astakos
  • The Byzantine church of Panaxiotissa that was built in the 10th century.
  • The wetlands of Aetoloakarnania

Text: Yorgos and Wendy Nikolidakis - Revised by Maxine van Hoften Gee

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