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Argolida (Argolis) is a Greek prefecture located in the northeast of the Peloponnese peninsula. Actually, it is a peninsula on a peninsula, though it is everywhere surrounded by sea. Argolida is a beautiful area, a combination of wonderful mountains, great plains and there behind, the beautiful sea. There are green fields, high and low mountains, olive groves, picturesque village,historical towns and cities, great historical and archaeological sites, the most impressive ancient theatres and great sea resorts.

Argolida is bordered to the north of Corinth, in the west of Arcadia, in the northeast of the Saronic Gulf in the southwest and the Gulf of Argolis. Many of Greece's most beautiful sights are in Argolida. Mycenae and Epidaurus are among the most famous sights of Greece but there is much more.

Capital of Argolida is the fantastic city of Nafplion. It is a city, one of the most beautiful in Greece where some very historical places are located as the castle of Palamidi, Akronaflpia and the islet of Bourtzi.

Sights Argolis: Argos, Epidaurus, Kranidi, Methana, Mycenae, Nafplion, Asini, Nea Kios, Folegandros, Ligourio, Porto Cheli, Tolo

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Koboloi shop - Nafplion - Argolida (Argolis) Photo 5 - Photo Epidavros Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese Photo 19 - Photo Kranidi | Argolida (Argolis) Peloponnese | Greece Photo 16 - Photo Nafplion - Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese - Photo 41 - Photo Nafplion - Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese - Photo 39 - Photo Koilada (Kilada) | Argolida (Argolis) Peloponnese | Greece Photo 10 - Photo Tolo (Tolon) Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese Photo 41 - Photo Lion Gate Mycene Argolida (Argolis) Photo 3 - Photo Epidavros Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese Photo 33 - Photo Tolo (Tolon) Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese Photo 7 - Photo Nafplion - Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese - Photo 73 - Photo Kolokotronis prison Palamidi - Nafplion - Photo Nafplion - Argolida (Argolis) - Peloponnese - Photo 53 - Photo Kranidi | Argolida (Argolis) Peloponnese | Greece Photo 24 - Photo Kranidi | Argolida (Argolis) Peloponnese | Greece Photo 19 - Photo

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The capital of the province of Argolida was inhabited since ancient Greek times. It is one of the most ORIGINAL Greek cities, with beautiful historic buildings and cozy atmosphere. Situated by the sea, beneath the imposing appearance of "Palamidi" castle. Read more »


Argos is located in an area with wine grapes, olive groves and apricot groves and is now the commercial and agricultural capital of the prefecture Argolida. The city has preserved some neoclassical buildings, the neoclassical market and the military barracks from the time of Kapoditrias. Read more»


Epidavros has the best preserved theater in Greece in the fourth century BC. with 12 000 to 14 000 seats. The theater is still used in the summer for performances of classic dramas (Epidaurus Festival). Read more»


Tolo is one of the bes tourist resorts of prefecture Argolida. The greatest asset of Tolo we personally found is the beautiful beach. In the village are very good cafes and restaurants even on the sandy beach. Read more»

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 Sights in Argolida

  • The eponymous Theatre of Epidavros with perfect acoustics is in excellent condition and still used for cultural events and in the summer for ancient Greek drama performances of the "Athens-Epidaurus Festival"
  • Epidavros village: pretty fishing village with charming beaches and picturesque port
  • Palamidi, the historic Venetian style castle (17th century) in Nafplion. The castle is situated on a steep 200m high rock and is connected to the city by a flight of steps in 1000.
  • Bourtzi (15th century) is located opposite the port of Nafplion, on a rocky island
  • Syntagma Square in Nafplion
  • Old town of Nafpilion; one of the best preserved city centers of Greece. The magnificent stately buildings dating mostly runs from the 17th to 19th centuries.
  • Argos, the rich agricultural town with glorious history. With a castle dating from the 6th century, a well-preserved ancient Greek theater, Roman ruins next to the theater and the archaeological museum.
  • "Asklipieion" Epidaurus, the largest kuurord of ancient greece, dedicated to the god physician Asklipios.
  • Ermioni: very charming harbor
  • Mycenae: cradle of Mycenaean civilization. Boezoek here the ruins of the palace, workshops, houses, streets, and the dome tombs where. including the famous mask of Agamemnon was found.
  • Porto Heli: beautiful cosmopolitan port with traditional atmosphere, beaches and luxury hotels
  • Tolo: bathroom with good tourist infrastructure

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Poros vanaf Galatas gezien | Argolis Peloponessos | Griekenland | Foto 8 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Leeuwenpoort Mycene Argolis foto 3 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Palamidi Nafplion - Argolis - Peloponessos - Foto 34 - Foto van De Griekse Gids
Tolo (Tolon) Argolis - Peloponessos Foto 28 - Foto van De Griekse Gids

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